Marty and Moreau Durkin Client Testimonials

An unparalleled commitment to providing customer service to Tubac and Southern Arizona clients, customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding our real estate services.

Tubac Residential Sales Testimonials

We recommend them to you without reservation

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that we highly recommend Marty and Moreau Durkin to you as realtors.

We first became acquainted with them when we purchased of our home in Tubac, Arizona. Having dealt with several realtors over the years, we were impressed with their professionalism, intergrity and knowledge of both real estate and the area. Since that first meeting, our impression has only been enhanced as we have observed them both personally and professionally.

We recommend them to you without reservation as persons of character and as true real estate professionals."

- Kerry & Sharon Smith, Tubac

Integrity, kindness, courtesy, know-how, intelligence, promptness, thoroughness

"To whom it may concern, regarding real estate, regarding anything!

If you are looking for integrity, kindness, courtesy, know-how, intelligence, promptness, thoroughness, Marty and Moreau Durkin is your team of can-do in action. This happily married couple are over the top in professionalism and sincerity - they truly are making this world a much better place, one property sale at a time, over and over and over again!! And it is my extreme privilege to be their neighbor and friend.

I am so grateful for their " above and beyond the call of duty" attitudes - their extensive research and attention to details, their profound desires to fit the right properties to the right people. They are almost single-handedly building neighborhoods that were once sad, forlorn, neglected, un-loved and un-tidy - because they love Tubac so much, and the fascinating people who are somehow drawn to come live here.

My experience working with Marty and Moreau instills in me the feeling and knowledge that the entire, complicated process is in their capable and caring hands - they go the extra miles to make absolutely sure that there are no surprises; they dig deep for information, leaving no stones unturned, and in my particular case, "unearthed" valuable facts that averted a disastrous catastrophe of a land-buy. It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend to anyone, the company and caring assistance of Marty and Moreau Durkin - these are people of the finest, highest caliber.

I know there are many others who join me in these sentiments. I'm very happy to help and share my thoughts with anyone who might need them."

- Elizabeth Palmer, The Sanctuary, Tubac Golf Resort

I have no hesitation recommending them

"To Whom it may Concern:

Having worked with both Marty and Moreau Durkin and having seen them put in the long hours it takes to sell homes in this economy, I have no hesitation recommending them as a team and as individuals. I could enumerate their personal and professional talents for some paragraphs, but the most important thing I can say is that I plan to use the Durkins to list my current home next year once my permanent home is built."

- Jen Prill, Tubac, Az

Honest, trustworthy and kind

"To whom it may concern,

If it weren't for Marty and Moreau Durkin, we never would have purchased our home in Tubac. They are honest, trustworthy and kind. They helped us thru' the entire process of purchasing our home. Marty and Moreau are very knowledgeable and reliable.

The Durkins are familiar with this area and they stay current with the real estate market. It is a rarity to find such a truly involved couple who care about their clients.

We highly recommend Marty and Moreau Durkin, our excellent resident realtors."

- Milton and Melinda Evans

Professional and exceedingly knowledgable

"Marty is very professional and exceedingly knowledgable. He has great people-skills that helped me clarify what I was looking for. He was involved and attentive in every step of the process. His attention to detail and to me made it clear he was interested in finding me the right home."

- C. Smith

#1 choice

"My wife and I live in Seattle and wanted to look at real estate in the Tubac area. We flew down and met Marty for ONE day...one day only. Not only is Marty personable, knowledgeable, and professional; he is an absolute joy to work with.

He helped us structure a great (low) offer on our #1 choice and presented it the sellers in such a way that they understood the value - despite being greatly under asking price! To our disbelief, they accepted our 1st offer.

Because we live 1,500 miles from Tubac, Marty was our "man on the ground" through inspection, appraisal, etc. He truly went above and beyond the normal scope of business. My wife and I were extremely lucky to purchase 3 Seattle properties from a close friend who is also one of the best realtors in the Seattle area. Today we consider ourselves lucky again...to find a top-notch realtor in Marty Durkin - who became a friend in the process.

If you are looking for a home in the Tubac, AZ area you won't do any better than Marty. He will listen to your needs and help you find the right house for you to make a home."

- Anonymous

Marty was terrific!

"Marty was terrific!

From the moment we signed up with him as our realtor, he was committed to find us the perfect home per our specifications. He saw the entire process through to the end. We highly recommend him and his services."

- Anonymous

Best realtor

"Marty Durkin is the best realtor with whom we have ever dealt. He was very knowledgeable of the area, easily available, and quickly and patiently responded to requests. His follow-up was excellent. He made the whole process of home buying easy and pleasant. We highly recommend him."

- GR

Marty is top notch

"We've had the pleasure of working with Marty on both the sale and purchase of homes in the Tubac area. He is definitely the best agent in town! We owned a vacation home in Tubac that ended up being too small for us to live in full time. Marty listened to our needs and found the perfect home for us. He subsequently sold our vacation home for us during a down market in Tubac. Not only is Marty knowledgeable of Tubac and Southern Arizona, he is a wealth of knowledge for any kind of reference one might need. Last year I was faced with the challenge of selling my mother's home from a distance. Marty was able to get us a referral for a top agent in Northern California, which made the transaction during a difficult time in my life as easy as could be. Marty is top notch - I can't imagine a real estate transaction without Marty as my agent."

- Debbie Bostian, Tucac, AZ

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